David Haynes and Mark Lambert are two average middle-aged guys from Atlanta, Georgia.  Well, a suburb just to the south named East Point to be precise. We’ve been a couple since 2001, both have jobs we enjoy, and own a small house on a quiet street that we share with a feisty cat named Sydney.  In other words, nothing remarkable.  Traveling for us provides an opportunity to break out our comfort zones and learn a bit more about the world beyond East Point.

So what kind of travelers are we?  We’re too settled into our lives and have too much of an appreciation for creature comforts to be vagabonds who spend months wandering aimlessly with just backpacks, a few bucks in our pockets and a level of optimism that somehow we’ll be able to find a place to bunk down and get a decent meal somewhere even though we haven’t seen another soul for hours.  But at the other extreme, we don’t want to be constricted within a cocoon, protected from the unexpected experiences and random opportunities that all-inclusive resorts and most packaged tours seem determined to avoid in order to provide an idyllic vacation.  We fall somewhere in the middle, where a bit of (mis)adventure and occasional culture shock finds the perfect balance with having a good time and recharging our batteries. 

Because we have no wealthy and benevolent relatives and our backup plan to win the lottery hasn’t panned out yet, we’re limited in how much we can travel by the amount of annual leave we have stockpiled and whatever we can cobble together from our middle class paychecks.  That generally means one major trip each year, with the itch between those excursions alleviated somewhat by occasional long weekend trips wrapped around holidays or special events.  Probably not too much different from you.

This blog chronicles our trips, both domestic and abroad.  To some, they may seem rather exotic.  To others, they may be unremarkable.  Our intent is not to present ourselves as glamorous and sophisticated globetrotters, because we’re certainly not. We’re just two guys who enjoy traveling and want to provide our friends and families the opportunity to experience this part of our lives with us.  So welcome aboard!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Augustine


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